POD EasyDr

A smart integrated self-diagnosis mobile kit that provides instant screening results.

Compact. Instant. On the Go. 

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Small in size,

Big in features

Weighing less than 2kg, POD EasyDr is an award-winning medical-grade self-diagnosis screening kit that integrates 5 physiological measurement devices in one compact and stylish unibody.

Blood Glucose Test
Uric Acid Test
Total Cholesterol Test

Blood Pressure Measurement
ECG Measurement


POD EasyDr Features

Easy to use. Affordable.

Results within seconds

POD EasyDr is so easy to use. Simply connect to the mobile phone app and follow the intuitive step-by-step guide to complete the tests.

Fast screening results within seconds.
The health records are safely stored in the phone and the cloud server, allowing the user to view past records. It also allows user to share personal health data with family members or family's physician.


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Preventive Healthcare
with Health Alert 

POD EasyDr is an ideal, effective and affordable health monitoring tool for offices, nursing homes and families.

Whenever there is abnormal health data, the app will deliver a notification alert to the user or the appointed caretaker to take early action to address the health issue. 

For more information, download the PDF below.