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Vietnam's 1st Self-Diagnosis Kiosk

Vietnam's 1st Self-Diagnosis Kiosk

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Vietnam Hospital Crowding

Vietnam’s healthcare is facing problems and we are here as a solution to solve it. 

Vietnam's healthcare industry is facing several challenges, such as outdated and overcrowding hospitals, obsolete medical equipment, a limited State budget, and a shortage of qualified medical staff. Whereas the growth of healthcare spending along with economic growth is a common sign of developing economies, Vietnam is currently facing healthcare challenges.

Overcrowding and shortage of healthcare workers

The over-crowding situation of hospitals usually leads to extremely long waiting times, which is one of the causes of patient dissatisfaction. The Institute of Medicine recommends that at least 90% of patients should meet doctors within 30 minutes of their scheduled appointment times. However, patients wait for 4 to 5 hours in the outpatient departments before consulting with doctors.


As waiting time is important for all patients, the health care system should be better managed and organized. Waiting time is not only a factor that affects patient satisfaction but also one of the indexes to evaluate the quality of services rendered to outpatients. Reducing waiting time benefits not only patients but also hospitals in decreasing overall workload.

ID Verification

ID Verification is also a major problem as many patients wear masks. Due to the shortage of staff, ID verification of the patients may not be stringently checked. Time and manpower are wasted on administrative and pre-consultation diagnosis tests.

Successful Partnership with eDoctor Vietnam

Partnering eDoctor, POD launches the first unmanned automated self-diagnostic kiosk in Vietnam to relieve manpower shortage and shorten waiting time by 35%. While waiting, patients are able to use the self-diagnostic kiosks without the presence of healthcare staff. Their diagnosis results will be sent to the doctors directly. At the same time, the POD Kiosk will dispense their queuing number right after the self-diagnosis test. This integrated process removes queues at the registration counters, improving the patient experience greatly.

Featured in Sharktank Vietnam

In September 2019, eDoctor, the exclusive distributor of POD in Vietnam was featured in a popular reality TV show in Vietnam, Sharktank. POD was demonstrated in the show and won praise from the judges and eDoctor received USD700,000 in investment from 3 of the 4 judges.

Vietnam Hospital Waiting

"Every day, hundreds of thousands of patients spend more than 5 hours to see a doctor in local public hospitals. We want to improve that."

POD User
POD User
POD MOU Signing in HCM


Powered by advanced Face ID, AI Vision and blockchain technology, POD is a smart, low-cost and efficient wellness kiosk.

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POD is compact and be placed in a highly-populated area and remote location outside the traditional healthcare channels. The presence of POD will vastly reduce patients’ traveling and time to see a doctor or a pharmacist.

POD Model Comparison

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"We probably know the specs of our mobile phones better than our own bodies"

Joe Chua, Founder of POD Technology

POD is more than just a smart machine. POD aspires to be the Linkedin of personal wellness.

It is an abbreviation for
Personal Online Docket. POD’s founder, Joe Chua, envisions a world where everyone can get instant secured accessibility to their own private wellness records on their mobile. The majority of today’s population does not have proper access to their own medical records. The lack of understanding and accessibility to one’s wellness history can be crucial during times of emergency.

POD empowers any individual to get immediate access to medical aid without the hassle of retrieving crucial personal records that are currently kept solely by hospitals and clinics during an emergency. These private and sensitive records are securely encrypted and can be only retrieved by the user’s unique biometrics.

With POD, anyone can travel, work, and play anywhere with ease.
The availability of autonomous PODs vastly improves tomorrow’s patient outcomes by providing better availability, accessibility, affordability, adaptability, and authenticity of wellness offerings. 

"Everyone should be entitled to know and possess their own medical dockets. And this is the new norm we want to bring."

"With POD, no more worry about new doctors making second guesses and wrong diagnosis about our past conditions and remedies."

5As of Healthcare
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Words from our Partners

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POD is indeed very revolutionary and we see this as a disrupter in healthcare. As Pfizer, we are proud to be part of this initiative and hope to see more collaboration through other different markets in the near future.

Francis Chay
APAC Omni Channel Director



POD Technology comes in at the right time to solve the problem of overcrowding and shortage of healthcare professionals in Vietnam

Dr Alain Huynh
Co Founder

eDoctor, Vietnam



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